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Are you prepared in your tax habits and knowledge? We believe preparation is key to your success. You do what you do best. Let us take care of your tax preparation.

Save Money

Many business owners focus all of their energy on taxes once a year. But, business owners that take a year-round approach to managing their corporate taxes can save more money by taking advantage of deductions and other benefits throughout the fiscal year.

Instead of scrambling for extra business deductions at the end of your fiscal year, let us take the hassle and guesswork out of business and individual income tax preparation.


Our tax services are available year-round, and we provide e-filing at no additional charge. Let us take the worries out of tax season with our fast, professional service.

We routinely online file and authorize payment of all state sales taxes for businesses.

Multi-State Tax Returns

Since here in Fort Mill, SC, we are located so close to the state line, 40% of our practice requires the more complex returns involving tax credits issued by another state.

This situation becomes even more complex when clients move here from other states, requiring the preparation of three or more state tax returns, with the attendant allocation of income, expenses, deductions, and credits for each state.

We do so many multi-state returns that we actually offer a multi-state return discount.

Our Process

We start with in-depth income tax interviews to ensure that our tax preparers provide you with the most accurate and thorough tax return service. Because we work with many small business owners just like you, we can help you hone in on the right strategies to minimize your taxes, so you can reinvest those funds in your business.

Healthy Perspective

Remember that deductions were put in place by the federal government to strengthen the economy. Legislators know that every penny a small business owner doesnt have to pay in taxes becomes an investment in a community.

We understand that you have enough on your plate when youre running your own company without having to keep up with changes in the millions of words of tax code that apply to your field.


We track changes to local and federal tax regulations so we can identify significant opportunities while helping you avoid the kinds of simple errors and misunderstandings that can lead to an IRS audit. Even if your company becomes the subject of a routine audit, we can take away the fear. Our accountants comply with all state and federal regulations.

Free Guide

Our tax specialists have prepared a FREE guide for you to download. It details everything you need to make your next tax cycle go smoothly, along with a checklist of what to bring to your next meeting with a tax specialist.

Download your guide now. 

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