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Are you prepared from an accounting point of view? We believe preparation is key to your success. You do what you do best. Let us take care of your accounting.

We will increase the efficiency of your business by providing timely, easy-to-read reports that ensure you always have a clear idea of your business financial standing.

Each month we write a Things We Noticed Report summarizing your financial position and highlighting important aspects worthy of your attention.

From our three-part personalized monthly reports to our detailed general ledgers, you can be assured that your reports have been properly prepared.

Also, all reports, including the Detailed General Ledger, are delivered online to the client through a secure portal in our website. All reports are encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

Current Financial Position

Our series of monthly reports give you a snapshot of your business current financial position and how it compares to prior years and months.

Each three-part report focuses on details of underlying data to summarize key performance indicators and provide a broad discussion of an aspect of your business.

Monthly operating statements break down sales, costs of sales, and expenses. Also, when possible, they show a comparison to the prior year and month.

Visualize Business Trends

Unique, easy-to read performance graphs provide a visual picture of trends in your business. They can help you spot problem areas so you can take immediate action.

Our balance sheets summarize your business assets, liabilities, and net worth at any given time, so you can make sound decisions about capital expenditures or how to improve profits.

Bank Statement Reconciliation

To ensure you are working with the right figures, our bank reconciliation process carefully compares your bank statement and checkbook balance each month.

Detailed general ledgers record the dates, check numbers, payees and amounts of expenditures within each business account. This level of detail provides you with extra certainty that your reports have been properly prepared, whether you prepare them by hand or with a computerized accounting system.

Were committed to being prepared, which means our reports are detailed, accurate and clear.

Improve Your Business

Let Beacon's accounting services provide you with the confidence you need to make solid financial decisions for your business.

Contact us today, so one of our professional advisors can make a complimentary assessment of your unique needs.

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